We provide a discount for our Maternity Gowns to photographers who provide in use images.  We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE when you send us your photos!  If you purchase an gown with a photographers discount, you must give Chicaboo credit when sharing on any social media platform. By submitting this application & purchasing items with the discount, you agree to the following:

1. PHOTOS: We want your beautiful images! Email in use pictures to [email protected] or post in our group https://www.facebook.com/groups/chicaboovip/.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA: Please credit Chicaboo or Chicaboo Photographers Group, when posting on any social media platform. (links below) If you are posting in a photog group, you can refer people to our group. If posting on your business page you can tag our business page.

3. PROMOTE: If you love Chicaboo, help spread the word! The bigger fan base, the bigger discounts we can offer! Feel free to share this information with your photographer friends.  

If you purchase gowns with the discount YOU MAY NOT RESELL FOR MORE than you paid. The discount is a privilege and doing this you will be removed and no longer to use the discount. If you're unsure of what you paid, email us and we can look it up. If you purchase the MATERNITY STARTER SETS or GRAB BAGS & want to destash a gown from your set, you may not sell for more than what you paid. 

We do not authorize use of any of our products to create, make or distribute designs and/or templates in printed or digital form (ie digital backdrops for compositing etc).

If you do not follow these guidelines or abuse the discount, you can be removed from the discount group privileges.By registering for the photographers discount you have read & agree to all shop policies. 

To register for a photographers account, please use this link.  Approval generally takes 1-24 business hours. Please leave "TAX ID" blank as this information is only needed for Wholesale Accounts. 

Important information!!!
1.  Once you get the confirmation email, you can try logging into your account.  If you are an international address, please allow the full 24 business hours to receive the email confirming we received your registration. **If you do not get a email confirming your registration, we suggest that you make sure you apply on a desktop computer, since we have had a few glitches when people register on mobile devices.
2.  After you are logged into your account, the prices displayed on your account will reflect the photographers pricing.  If you are unsure if you are logged in, we suggest you click a Monroe Gown & click the title of the product & the price should display the retail price as $110 & $60 if you are correctly logged in.
3.  The discount will vary upon the item, since different products have different margins. We try to give you the best value possible & hope you return the favor by remembering to tag our products & share the love our our brand!
4. Remember if you have any website or order related questions, you must email us at [email protected] & we do our best to respond within 1 business day.
5. We offer FREE US shipping on SOFTGOODs for orders shipping in the US over $99.  Props & other items require shipping and are not considered "softgoods".  If there are any shipping charges that are overcollected, we will issue a store credit to your account for US orders & refund for international orders.