Photographers Discount

We provide a discount for several items to photographers who use our products  & share your photos with us.  We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you send us your photos!  If you purchase an item with a photographers discount, you must give our brand credit when sharing on any social media platform. By submitting this application you agree to the following:
If you do not follow these guidelines or abuse the discount, you can be removed from the discount group privileges.
If you purchase gowns with the discount YOU MAY NOT RESELL FOR MORE than you paid. The discount is a privilege and doing this you will be removed and no longer to use the discount. If you're unsure of what you paid, email us and we can look it up. If you purchase the MATERNITY STARTER SETS & want to destash a gown from your set, you may not sell for more than what you paid. We have records of starter sets purchased & are happy to give you the price paid. Most gowns in starter sets are intro pricing or less & free US shipping.

1. PHOTOS: We want your beautiful images! Email in use pictures to or post in our group

2. SOCIAL MEDIA: Please credit Chicaboo or Chicaboo Photographers Group, when posting on any social media platform. (links below) If you are posting in a photog group, you can refer people to this group. If posting on your business page you can tag our business page.

3. PROMOTE: If you love Chicaboo, help spread the word! The bigger fan base, the bigger discounts we can offer! Feel free to share this information with your photographer friends.

*******Please allow 1-2 Business days for Approval********

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